Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Aniston

Aniston is our FUN. She is such a tease (she is so much like my sister-I love it) she is quick to joke and funny. I seriously don't have that-so I love that she got the trait from my sister! She is a true-girl-princess-tomboy-and loves life. Her Favorite Things RIGHT NOW ARE: 1. Doc McStuffins 2. Good Luck Charley 3. McDonald's Chicken Nuggets-she wants to eat there all the time 4. SCHOOL-she is so social she loves playing with all of our neighbors too which are all boys ;) 5. Face time-she wants to call someone all the time or text them 6. She loves her cousins more then anything 7. She still has to have her Pooh Bear 8. She wants her hair pulled back everyday-I can sometimes let her let me curl it-but I have to bribe her 9. She loves shoes and clothes and she loves to paint her fingernails-but she can dribble that ball and throw a baseball just like her brothers ;) 10. She loves going to the library and reading. I am so lucky she is mine and she is my BFF-that is our nickname for each other :) I LOVE HER with all my heart!

Payton got his BEAR in Scouts


I never know where to start with Africa. I cry, I laugh, I ponder, I wish, I want, I LOVE.. I can not wait to go back. We are planning on going back in 2 years and taking Payton with Jackson and I! I could write pages, talk forever, but I will try to make a top 10 list-I have over 2000 pictures-I'm not sure what to do with them all?. 10. Going with My brother and my niece. 9. Dubai- (We landed there for a day layover-it was super scary and very interesting.-I felt like I was in the hunger games capital-so modern and different-it was so hard walking around ( I hated being nervous but I felt like everyone was staring at me and did not like me.) 8. Sleeping in a net and going to the bathroom in a whole in the ground. And getting ALL my CRAZY shots-before I left. 7. Landing in Ethiopia after a 21 plus hour flight 6. Coke-It saved me-and I really liked their chicken :) I didn't really like their food-but I loved how they tried to cook us American Food at our hotel-they asked us if we liked pizza-we all said YES-so for breakfast we had pizza ( CRAZY PIZZA ) I don't even want to know what was on it ;) 5. The people that work for my brothers humanitarian group-Hope Arising. They love and adore my brother. ( I could write a novel on my amazing brother-he has changed so many lives and helped soooooo many people) I cry just thinking about him-it was awesome how they love him and how he has saved them, these are just a few things he has done, He has gotten cows and goats -clothes- he has helped the women to work and sell their goods- he has taught them to bake-pays for jobs for them-he has taught/paid for them to have gardens-and most important has gotten them a pipe line so they don't have to carry their water for so long and it is clean water from a spring! I could go on and on-My brother is my hero. I wish I could give more- 4. Jon Wilson is an eye doctor in Roosevelt, him and my brother have been friends since they were little. He worked non-stop- He saw so many people by himself and was so tired at night-his eyes were bright red from helping so many people. Most of them are blind-due to dirty water-with a little medicine-they can see (can you imagine what it was like when they got the medicine)or when they got glasses so they could see-they had riots, police, we had people hanging on the bus-jumping on the bumper-so many people needed help and wanted to be seen so they could see. It is so humbling and so hard-the lines were still HUGE when we left. I would just cry when we had to leave them, Jon Wilson actually handed me some tissues and had to help me keep it together. So hard... 3. Working in the dental clinic. It was awesome! I LOVED it. The kids, the people, so many of them needed help, their teeth were really hurting them. They have no toothbrushes-they use sticks. I loved watching my brother and assisting him. My niece worked with us too, she would pass out the jerseys, and comfort the kids. They loved her and she would always make them happy. When we were done at night, she would play games with kids outside! (It was so fun watching them play duck-duck-goose) She would give them shoes,(their clothes are little, old, torn, super dirty, and did I say little) some had one shoe, no shoes, dirty shoes, or broken shoes, so it was so fun to give them shoes, toys, etc. It was so rewarding. The babies don't have diapers-so you know... We got everything! Working in the our little room-making it a dental room-made me want to be a dental assistant- I hope someday I can work with my brother here in Arizona! 2. The people, they were so loving, kind, and happy! They have Nothing-but the funny thing is that they are so happy. They loved seeing their pictures on our phone, they would love looking at themselves. It was so fun. They say thank you thank you thank you over and over- they hug- and kiss us all over!! I miss them so much. They loved to sing to us when we stopped at the schools-they would sing ABC! So humbling. I know Heavenly Father loves them so very much, they are so special, he is finding ways to help them. I am so grateful, and I miss them every day. 1. Coming home to my Kids, my HUBBY, and my Parents. The best sight ever-I am so lucky they let me go! I have the best family :)! I can't wait to go back, I cried the whole way home back to my house from the airport (my kids kept asking me why I kept crying) for a couple of days , it is so humbling and I wonder why I am so blessed. I am so thankful and count my blessings everyday!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Swollen-Black Face/Eye- A BoY Thing-RIGHT?

The BoYs were playing baseball and I heard Jackson say,"last One and then OH CRAP"-Stocky looked at me, running to me with tears in his eyes-(Yes my tough boy) He barely even cried. Jackson hit a line drive and hit Stockton right on the cheek :(.. He kept saying-it's ok dad-it was accident. Oh I love his BIG HeArT... Jackson felt like throwing up, but Nothing was wrong and he hasn't even really complained about it. He just now has a really awesome Black/Purple EYE!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Starting Back Up

I have decided I need to catch up on my life and my kiddos life especially. It's my goal to blog more and journal better for my kids! I'm not going to back track-So I'm trying to start from this week. Aniston is doing a dance class, and a sports class, and preschool. She Loves them all-and loves all her new friends! Stockton and Payton started football this week, their first games were Saturday Night under the lights (Jackson was pretty pumped they played under lights)-even though Payton's game at 9pm-about wore us all out :). I am so proud of my boys-Last week while Payton was practicing it was 107-his poor little face was RED for 2 hours I swear!

Diamond Back Games

We Love going to the Diamond Back Games in Arizona. We get there as soon as the doors open, catch a few balls from the players that are practicing-that will pass them up to us. We go about every week. It is fun family night!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jenkins Reunion Part 2

The best part about living in Roosevelt is that we get to spend extra time with our siblings and cousins when they come to visit grandma and grandpa :).... We spend the first week with Chet Jenkins and then the second week with the Colby Jenkins Family. Such a great, fun, and tiring couple of weeks-but I loved every minute of it :)

Payton found Oil coming out of the mtn while hiking-why are we in Iraq?!

Payton found Oil coming out of the mtn while hiking-why are we in Iraq?!

My boys

My boys

Mom and Pay

Mom and Pay